Summer is in the home stretch and we have a little less than one month before the doors to Highcrest will be open for students again! Budget cuts have left teachers with limited means to provide school supplies for our students, and the PTO is hoping you will join with it to donate the necessary supplies to ensure every student has a successful year. (see link above for supply lists-all grades have now compiled their requests).

So why not just have everyone buy supplies for their own kids??

Budget discussions during a spring PTO meeting brought up the point that there is a line item in the PTO budget to provide a “survival kit” of supplies to each teacher/classroom at the beginning of the year. Increasing that line item to help offset the town’s cuts was discussed. However, many parents remarked they would be happy to donate classroom supplies if they knew what was needed. As a result, the PTO reached out to teachers to gather class-specific supply lists. By posting them electronically, parents know exactly what is needed and can avoid purchasing duplicates, and teachers can keep track of items left to be purchased.

If you are able, please consider making a donation to your child’s class. You will need to create an account and login so teachers will be able to keep track of donations being made and supplies that are still needed. All supplies can be dropped off in the cafeteria at the tables designated for each grade level during the Meet and Greet ‪Tuesday, August 27.‬ Thank you so much in advance for your support!!!