Highcrest Bulldogs

Meet Spike, Highcrest’s Bulldog Mascot!

SpikeThe idea to adopt Spike the Bulldog as the mascot of Highcrest Elementary School was actually a June 2012 PTO initiative submission, which passed!  

That fall, when the students returned to school, they participated in an election process to name the mascot.  The process took some time, votes were tallied, and at a school wide morning meeting on Friday, January 18, 2013, the name SPIKE was chosen and the mascot was officially introduced to the entire school body. 

Please note under the PTO FAQ’s
Can I borrow the Bulldog Mascot for an event outside of Highcrest School?
Answer: No, the bulldog mascot is used for PTO sponsored events only.  If you are chairing a Highcrest PTO event and would like to have the mascot available for that event, please send an email to one of the PTO presidents, or email highcrestschool@gmail.com.  A board member will get back to you right away.  


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