Forms for Reimbursement

Highcrest Elementary School PTO Monetary Policies and Procedures

PTO funds are intended to benefit the students through the enhancement of school programs and activities. The PTO Officers are the guardians of these funds and have an obligation to see that they are protected and used wisely. It is very important that everyone follow these policies.


  • All reimbursements require a receipt. There can be no reimbursement of costs without the actual receipt or invoice.
  • We do our budgeting and plan our fundraisers based on prior year’s experience; if volunteers do not submit expenses, we under-report our expenses and cause budgeting problems for future years.
  • The chair of an event/activity is responsible for collecting and submitting all receipts and completed reimbursement forms to the Highcrest PTO Treasurer within 2 weeks of the event. Please submit all receipts as soon as possible.
  • Volunteers must turn in completed “Check Request” forms along with receipts to the Highcrest PTO Treasurer in order to be reimbursed.
  • Blank “Check Request” forms are available in the designated Treasurer binder that can be found on the PTO filing cabinet in the main office, as well as on the PTO website.
  • If payment is needed prior to an event, please contact the treasurer as early as possible to schedule the payment.  Please have the “Check Request” form complete to ensure a timely process.


  • Completed “Check Request” forms for vendor payment or reimbursement can be left in the Treasurer’s folder in the office.
  • Blank signed checks will not be issued for any reason.
  • As a general rule, allow one week for processing of a reimbursement.  If the request is more time critical, contact the Treasurer by phone or email.
  • PTO books close June 30, when all budgeted accounts revert to the general purposes of the PTO.
  • All requests for reimbursements must be in the hands of the Treasurer by the last day of school to allow adequate time for processing.
  • No reimbursements will be made after June 30th.


For Events/Fundraisers

Before the Event:

  • Cash Box information must be given to the Treasurer at least one week before an event.
  • The total amount and denominations should be detailed. 
  • Please utilize the “Cash Box Request” form.

At End of Event/Fundraiser, The Money Must Be Processed As Follows:

  • Please detail currency by denomination and fill in amounts on the “Deposit” form.
  • Please log number of checks and total value on the “Deposit” form.
  • Contact the Treasurer to make arrangements to transfer funds as soon as possible after event.
  • Blank copies of the “Deposit” and “Cash Box Request” forms are in the in the PTO Treasurer’s mailbox in the main office and on the PTO website.

For Events/Activities-Checks Only

  • Deposits must be given to the Treasurer within one week of receiving checks.
  • It is important to get checks to the Treasurer quickly so that if any checks bounce, we have enough time to recover funds before distribution of merchandise or before an event has been held.


  • If you have budgetary problems, let the Treasurer know as soon as possible.
  • If a revision or over-run is warranted, it needs to be approved by the Board or the general membership (depending on the amount).  Such changes should be approved prior to any money being spent.


  • The Highcrest PTO should only enter into written (not verbal) contracts.
  • Contracts are valid only when signed by an executive board member.
  • Any other person signing a contract can be held personally liable for the full amount.
  • For significant purchases, at least three price quotes/bids should be obtained to help ensure that the Highcrest PTO is receiving the best value.
  • Any potential contracts with persons or companies related to a Highcrest PTO officer or committee chair must receive special review to ensure that no conflict of interest exists.  After exercising due diligence, the Highcrest PTO officers shall determine whether the Highcrest PTO could obtain a more advantageous transaction or arrangement with reasonable efforts from a person or entity that would not give rise to a conflict of interest.


  • The Highcrest PTO has its own tax ID # for sales tax exemption purposes.  Copies of the sales tax exemption certificate can be obtained from the Treasurer.  In order to take advantage of the exemption, purchases must be made directly with Highcrest PTO funds; i.e. a PTO check. 
  • You cannot purchase items with personal funds or cash and receive the sales tax exemption.

Certain stores (such as Wal-Mart, AC Moore) require that we apply for sales tax exemption with their store and receive a special exemption card to be used at that store.  Consult with the Treasurer for a list of stores with these special requirements.

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