Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to go to a PTO meeting but I am new to Highcrest and don’t know anyone. I don’t want to go alone to a meeting. Any suggestions?

Answer:  We are happy to fix you up with a seasoned PTO “buddy”, who is willing to escort you to as many PTO meetings as necessary to make you feel comfortable.  Your buddy will introduce you to other seasoned PTO folks, and new ones as well.  The PTO is for everyone, and new faces are so welcome because with that comes new ideas, new energy, and excitement to a group. If you would like a buddy, please use the “Contact Us” page and let us know.  

I would like to chair an event but how do I go about doing it?
Answer:  If you are interested in chairing an event, please email one of the board members, listed on the PTO Executive Board page, or use the “Contact Us” page and a board member wil get back to you right away.

How do I pay a vendor for an event?
Answer: You can either pay the vendor directly using your own funds, and submit receipts to PTO treasurer for reimbursement by dropping it off in her mail bin in the main office.  You can also obtain receipts in advance and submit to treasurer and a check can be issued payable to the vendor directly for you to hand deliver to the vendor. Please be advised, all contracts must be signed by a board member, per the PTO bylaws.  

How do I get reimbursed for my out-of-pocket expenses?
Answer: Complete the form “check request reimbursement” and submit with copies of receipts to PTO treasurer.

I need a cash box, how do I get one?
Answer: Please get in touch with our PTO treasurer to request a cash box. 

Where are the cash boxes?
Answer: The cash boxes are in the PTO closet in the gym.  The PTO closet is locked and you must get permission from the PTO treasurer first for the cash box, and she will advise you as to how to obtain the key to the PTO closet.

How long will it take to get reimbursed?
Answer:  Upon receipt of the reimbursement request and copies of all receipts, you should receive a check in 7-10 days.

Do I have a certain budget for an event?
Answer:  Yes and no. Many events are given a budget for expenses incurred upfront, however, other events have a zero budget and a run based on the sales of tickets or raffles as examples.  All information for a past event is put into a folder and that information is used as a guideline for the current event.  If you need additional funds, contact the PTO president. If you are running a new event and a budget has never been established, contact the PTO president and/or PTO Treasurer for more information.

Do I need a building use form for my event?
Answer: Yes, if you intend to use the school grounds for any event. If not, then the building use form is not required.

Where do I get the building use form?
Answer: From the secretary in the main office or by contacting Board of Education employee  Joanne McPhee at, who handles all building use for the school system.

Who do I call if I have a question about one of the school buildings to use for an event?
Answer: Joanne McPhee is in charge of the building use for all seven schools in town.  She is located at the Wethersfield High School and her email address is

How do I add information (flyers, etc.) on the PTO website?
: Use the “Contact Us” page and a board member or website editor will get back back to you.

How do I become a member of the PTO Board?
Answer: Elections are held each year at the final PTO meeting. A nominating committee is in place that solicits members of the Highcrest Community for board positions. You can contact one of the nominating committee members or the 2nd Year President for more information.

I have an idea for a new event, who should I contact?
Answer: Contact the PTO Presidents (1st or 2nd Year) to go over your idea.

Do I  have to go to PTO meetings to be a member of the PTO?
Answer: No, all members of the Highcrest community are members of the PTO automatically and there is no fee. However, donations to the PTO are always welcome.

Do I have to volunteer my time to be a member of the PTO?
Answer: No, you do not need to volunteer to be a member of the PTO. However, we appreciate any time you could give to any event. 

Does it cost money to be a member of the PTO?
Answer: No, all members of the Highcrest community are automatically a member of the PTO. However, donations are welcome anytime throughout the year. We have a Fund  Drive in September asking families to support the PTO with donations, which is voluntary.

Can I borrow the Bulldog Mascot for an event outside of Highcrest School?
Answer: No, the bulldog mascot is used for PTO sponsored events only.  If you are chairing a Highcrest PTO event and would like to have the mascot available for that event, please send an email to one ofthe PTO presidents, or use the “contact us” page.  A board member will get back to you right away. 

Do you still have an unanswered questions?  Feel free to contact us at Thank you.

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