PTO Initiatives and Guidelines

Each year the PTO, with support from all Highcrest families, raises money for various programs and events.  At the end of the school year, any money that has not yet been spent is available for “Initiatives.”

Teachers, administrators, and parents can propose an idea and the PTO (the entire Highcrest community) will vote in favor or against spending the money at the last PTO meeting of the year. You must be present at the meeting in order to vote.  

If you have an idea for an initiative for this year, please complete the form that is sent out via PEX and submit by June 1. There is no limit on the number of initiatives any one person can submit. All initiatives will be viewed by the principal for final approval prior to submission as an initiative, as some items may be covered by central office.

Your initiative must be voted on AS INITIALLY SUBMITTED AND APPROVED. For example, if you submit an initiative form for $500 in equipment, we cannot decide at the meeting to vote on $250 of equipment. Multiple initiative requests can be submitted.

If you submit an initiative and it is approved at the final PTO meeting, you have two options to purchase your item (s): 

  1. Pay for it out of your own pocket and submit receipts to the PTO treasurer for reimbursement, or 
  2. Submit a receipt for the amount of the item and the name of the vendor the  check should be made payable to with the exact amount of the check. The treasurer will mail the check to you for you to submit the final order to the vendor directly.
  3. Also, remember that Highcrest PTO is a non-profit and therefore exempt from sales tax.

Most importantly, when purchasing approved initiative items, please be sure the cost does not go over the amount that was originally submitted and approved, because you will only be reimbursed for the amount of the approved initiative.  For example, if you submitted an initiative for books totaling $101.20, but ask for reimbursement for $105, you will only be reimbursed the amount of the approved initiative of $101.20.

Examples of some past initiative ideas include:  musical instruments, various pieces of technology, area rugs for the classrooms, beverage coolers, bulldog mascot, microphones, bean bag chairs, playground equipment, classroom subscriptions, and more. Approved initiatives for previous years are below.

Any questions, please contact one of the PTO presidents for clarification.   

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