Tie-Dye Shirt Care

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Every year the kids make their tie-dyed shirt(s) with each grade having their color. Your child brought home the shirt, what to do next:

Leave shirt(s) tied and wet in the bag for at least 12 hours

After 12 or more hours (you may want to wear gloves), remove the shirt from the bag, hold the shirt still banded under running water while you remove the rubber bands. (You can use warm water on low so your hands don’t freeze).

Squeeze the shirt as you continue to run water on the shirt. You will have to rinse and ring the shirt out for about 2 minutes until the water runs clear.

Let the shirt sit for a couple of minutes in the sink, then rinse it one, two, or three more times, letting it sit for 2 minutes between rinses.

Finally, put the shirt in the washing machine by itself or with rags and wash with regular detergent and fabric softener.

After wearing it for the first time, it may be a good idea to wash the shirt(s) on its own at least one other time, just to be sure that the color is done bleeding.

Any questions reach out: Andrea (860) 721-0713

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